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If you work in health or social care in north east London, you can access free, confidential and inclusive wellbeing support, that is provided independently from your employer.

Wellbeing is

  • how satisfied you are with your life,
  • the sense that what you do in life is worthwhile,
  • your day to day emotional experiences (happiness, anxiety or stress)
  • and your wider mental wellbeing.

Wellbeing is important as it effects

  • your overall mental and physical health,
  • your ability to successfully overcome difficulties
  • and to achieve what you want out of life.


  • We offer a 360 degrees wellbeing needs review and live emotional wellbeing support to all and any health and social care professionals working in north east London.
  • We aim to provide an experience which is inclusive, accessible, and reflective of your needs.  
  • Our Wellbeing Advisors receive training and supervision from clinicians who have experience of developing and delivering treatment which is individually tailored and culturally cohesive.  
  • We are funded so we can offer our support to you free of charge. 


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