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When we experience a death, bereavement, grief and loss can affect people in a number of ways. There is no right or wrong way to feel through this experience.


Our feelings can be experienced with great intensity, in passing waves or may appear unexpectedly. It can be difficult to recognise our feelings when we are experiencing bereavement, grief or loss.


The Kubler-Ross 5 stages of grief model is useful for recognising and understanding your own, or a colleagues feelings and behaviours.

Start a chat with a wellbeing advisor to talk to someone about your experience and for support with recognising and understanding how you are feeling.

Most people will experience all of these phases, for some people their experience may be linear moving from one stage to the next, for others grief may feel more chaotic moving back and forth between stages frequently.

Bereavement Support services

Cruse – offer a phone support line, groups and lot’s of information on their website/
Home – Cruse Bereavement Support

Citizen’s advice – offer practical advice on things to do when someone dies

NHS Choices – offers information and bereavement support including links to services for loss of a child and services to help parents supporting children with the loss of relative.

Gov.uk – The government’s web page offers useful links for coping with bereavement.

The Blue Cross – offers a pet bereavement service, providing free, confidential support by phone, email or webchat to anyone affected by losing a pet.
Blue Cross Pet Bereavement Support Service | Pet Loss


Grief in Pieces

Many people bereaved by suicide find that they need more specific support than that provided for bereavement in general.

Grief in pieces is a service which provides team support for suicide loss for colleagues working in health and care across north east London.

We are working in partnership with MIND to provide teams who have been impacted by suicide with specific support. The Grief in Pieces team support consists of 6 sessions to support those who have been impacted by suicide in their team.

For more information about team support following bereavement by suicide start a chat with one of our wellbeing advisors now.


* Please note, this is a pilot programme and will be regularly reviewed. The services may be adapted or stopped based on feedback from our clients and the success of the programme. 

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