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When a work difficulty is unresolved it can increase your chances of experiencing stress, anxiety and fatigue.  

We can provide rapid access to a team of specialist, independent Employment Advisors at the Shaw Trust, who can work with you to explore your workplace difficulty and help you think through your next steps.

Speak to a Wellbeing Advisor to be referred for this support. 

This new service can offer you independent, confidential employment advice to help where if you are having difficulties at work that are impacting how you feel in a negative way. This might include: 

  • difficulties with workplace relationships (eg with their manager, a colleague, or a supervisee), bullying or harassment;
  • advice on how to request reasonable adjustments; support if an individual is subject to a grievance or disciplinary; 
  • Return to Work Plans; helping clients return to work earlier and promoting stabilisation at work.
  • Information, advice and guidance on workplace issues like disputes, pay, sickness, flexibility.
  • Managing mental/physical health at work, stress, resilience.
  • Employment rights
  • Job seeking support; CVs, job searching/brokerage, interview techniques.
  • Redundancy, dismissal, references, resignation

This service is separate to your local HR team and aims to provide independent advice to help you develop the skills to resolve your workplace difficulty yourself. 

Please get in touch if you’d like to talk to us about your employment support.  

All conversations are confidential, independent of your employer and inclusive. 

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