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While working in social care and the NHS can be very rewarding it can also be extremely demanding at times. When a work difficulty is unresolved it can increase your chances of experiencing stress and compassion fatigue. That’s why the Keeping Well NEL HUB can also provide rapid access to a team of specialist, independent Employment Advisers.

Employment Advisors can work with you to explore your work place difficulty and help you think through your next steps. They have specialist experience of supporting individuals in the health and social care sector. They can offer advice and practical support to deal with workplace problems, or, help you to review your skills, apply for jobs and prepare for interviews.

This service is separate to your local HR team and aims to provide independent advice to help you develop the skills to resolve your workplace difficulty yourself.

Quote from a service user:

Speaking with an Employment Advisor helped me to realise that what I was experiencing at work didn’t have to continue. They gave me the confidence to address the situation myself. Previously I thought my only option was to suffer in silence or leave and find another job but now that I have tackled my workplace issue I have much more peace of mind and I’m happier in my work.

TD, Hackney.

Please get in touch if you’d like to talk to us about about your employment support. All conversations are confidential, independent and inclusive.

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