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There could be many reasons why you or your colleagues are struggling with emotional wellbeing.

Feeling excluded or not understood, experiencing discrimination or stigma, anxiety or stress, having relationship or financial worries; these are just a few examples of how everyday life can affect us.

For some of us, certain life events may affect their emotional wellbeing, such as experiencing a bereavement, going through a relationship break-up, changing jobs, or moving to a new area or country without family, friends or community networks.


You are not alone.

Our team can help by offering a range of support including a safe space to talk with a trained wellbeing professional.

  • Start a confidential wellbeing conversation
  • Free phone us on 0800 953 9898
  • Text us on +44 7723 484 839
If you feel like you might seriously harm yourself or attempt to end your own life, you need urgent medical help – call 999 now, or go to your closest Accident & Emergency unit.


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