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You may know what it is like to have a world at home that is completely different to the world you inhabit when you are at work. Not just in terms of policies and procedures, but the use of language, non-verbal communication, sense of humour and even the food.

The seven boroughs of north east London are among the most diverse in the UK. We have ensured that our KeepingWellNEL team represents and champions this diversity and we know it is important that the support available to you reflects this too.

Our pilot programme has now closed, but if you used one of the services, please do leave feedback on your experience as this will help us plan for future services.

KeepingWellNEL holds regular focus groups, called ‘Share and Shape’ with different themes and audiences. Join our Share and Shape sessions for colleagues from racially minoritised groups to help shape your wellbeing offer. Click here to learn more about Share and Shape.

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