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We are all different, it is what makes the world go round. We all have our strengths and struggles. Our cultural and ethnic backgrounds give us life in so many ways. They can help us to understand the world around us and see the beauty that there is in the world in different ways. While we are all different, there are experiences as people from racially minoritised groups that will be common to most.



“…in diversity there is beauty and strength.”

Maya Angelou

You may know what it is like to have a world at home that is completely different to the world you inhabit when you are at work. Not just in terms of policies and procedures but the use of language, non-verbal communication, food even what you find funny!

At KeepingWellNEL we want to hear from you, celebrate diversity and create a place of safety and shared learning.

The seven boroughs of North East London that make up KeepingWellNEL are among the most diverse in the UK. Engage with us to make sure that the support, articles and webinars we run represent you. What kind of events could we organise that you would tell your colleagues about? What things might put you off? You are central to what we are doing and really value all feedback.

KeepingWellNEL is for you and therefore needs to be shaped and crafted by you.

What you can expect from us?
  • Regular updates on you Share and Shape sessions to highlight how your feedback shapes what we do
  • Regular updates on culturally specific wellbeing activities
  • Updates on any upcoming events that you can continue to shape what we offer
What we would like from you?
  • If you would like to write an article about any aspect of your experience of coming from a racially minoritised group, please contact us.
  • Do you have any events happening that you would like colleagues in other areas to know about?
  • If you would like to share any reflections on the richness added to your life by your cultural heritage.
  • If you have any recipes you would like to share.
  • With any suggestions about wellbeing activities you would like to see.
Our future plans.
  • A blog
  • Regular catered wellbeing activities
  • And events diary for events available to health and social care staff in North East London
  • Updates of the psychologically focused wellbeing support that will specifically designed for you and other people from racially minoritised groups.
Please get in touch if you’d like to talk to us about your needs. All conversations are confidential, independent and inclusive.

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