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We all experience challenges sometimes, they may be solely related to work or other things. You may have found that over the past few months or years, you have been finding various things challenging. This will likely have had an impact on how you manage when you are at work and elsewhere. If you are in a relationship, you may have noticed that you are increasingly short with your partner, perhaps getting frustrated with things that didn’t bother you before.


Likewise, you may have been experiencing challenges in your relationship that are not at all related to work. You may also be experiencing difficulties in your life, for whatever reason. Working with your partner to address these issues can really help.

We are working with the Tavistock Centre for Couples Relationships to provide up to six sessions of couples therapy to work through a current challenge you are facing within or separate to your relationship. These sessions will help you to focus on the strengths of your relationship and give you space to have the thinking time needed to improve your relationship.

You can access this couples support through us or you can go directly to the Tavistock. Please ask for the NHS service, it is available freely whether you work in the NHS or social care

Once you get in touch, an initial appointment will be made for you. These will all take place online. Once you have had your initial individual session you can agree on a plan with your partner and therapist about how best to move forward and what support might be best for you.


Please get in touch if you’d like to talk to us about about relationship support. All conversations are confidential, independent and inclusive.


Alternatively visit the Tavistock relationship counselling service for a FREE relationship counselling service open to NHS staff and auxiliary workers in social care. Their counselling service can also be accessed by calling 020 7380 1975. 

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