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The Office for National Statistics released figures in 2019 stating that 75% of the population within London identify with being from a faith group. This will mean different things for different people but it is fair to say that matters of faith and spirituality are vitally important for many. At KeepingWellNEL we are committed to supporting all aspects of your wellbeing. This includes providing faith and spirituality resources for your where this would like this. 

There are several benefits to this for everyone. Having an opportunity to find out more about different faiths increases the level of understanding we have with those we work with and support in our roles. This in turn can help us all to see the many things that make up who we all are.

If you identify with a particular form of spirituality or faith, you may want to seek out support that takes your world view into account. For you, faith might be the most fundamental part of who you are. It may be at the forefront of everything you do, the decisions you make, the way you make sense of stress, grief, fulfilment and joy.

You may have a particular faith but don’t wish to access wellbeing activities that are specific to your beliefs. This is totally fine, our aim is to provide choice. We want to remove as many of the barriers to seeking support as possible.

If you don’t identify with a particular form of spirituality or faith, you may be interested to know more about what your colleagues might believe. How this may impact how they see the world. About their religious festivals and celebrations. How you can increase your understanding of the times in the year that are important to various groups and why this is the case.

In the coming months we plan to release faith focused podcasts and other wellbeing materials. We will have guest writers and health advice and you will be invited to suggest ideas for what is on offer. There will also be lots of resources focused on different areas of wellbeing.


Please get in touch if you’d like to talk to us about your spiritual wellbeing. All conversations are confidential, independent and inclusive.

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