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Teams who support each other and talk to each other are stronger. This improves the wellbeing of individual team members, both at work and at home. 

You may feel like you and your team don’t have time to process things that happen over the course of your work week. You could book Reflective Practice sessions which offer a supportive, reflective space is separate from your day-to-day work duties and from line management considerations in order to support your and your team’s wellbeing.

Become a Trauma Risk Management (TRiM) Practitioner. Help support colleagues across north east London working in health or social care, who have had traumatic experiences at work.

Or train in Sustaining Resilience at Work (StRaW ®), a peer support system to detect and prevent occupational mental health issues and boost an organisation’s psychological resilience. StRaW not only focuses specifically on mental health conditions and issues that are likely to affect staff working in health or social care, it also enables delegates to take action in order to bolster resilience.

  • Create a sense of belonging: What projects will you work on together? What is your team’s mission? What helps give you a sense of purpose?
  • Maintain regular rhythms: At home it is important you aim to wake up, eat and go to sleep at the same time you normally would. What rhythms can you maintain with your team at work? Can you commit to regular break times? Do you have a morning briefing?
  • Encourage each other to exercise once a day: Get moving! Preferably in green space.
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