Sustaining Resilience at Work (StRaW ®) is a peer support system to detect and prevent occupational mental health issues and boost an organisation’s psychological resilience.

StRaW not only focuses specifically on mental health conditions and issues that are likely to affect staff working in health or social care, it also enables delegates to take action in order to bolster resilience.

StRaW Practitioners

You do not need any specialist medical or psychological expertise. The StRaW Practitioner course provides you with both the knowledge and skills to become a StRaW Practitioner.

StRaW Practitioner training includes:

  1. The detection of workplace stress, spotting the signs of psychological distress that might otherwise go unnoticed;
  2. The knowledge and skills necessary to help improve the mental health of colleagues suffering from psychological distress, through planning, guidance, signposting and, where appropriate, effective mentoring.

The training focuses on:

  • What is workplace stress?
  • What is the impact of workplace stress?
  • How do you detect it through a structured interview process?
  • The use of the 10 point StRaW checklist
  • How to conduct a StRaW assessment interview
  • When to trigger a StRaW response
  • Specific topics, including self-harm and managing your own mental health
  • Strategies to overcome resistance to referral/accessing treatment
  • Effective mentoring skills, including decisional balance

The StRaW Practitioner course is two days. We can deliver training at your organisation for groups of up to 9 (with one instructor) or 10-15 (with two instructors).

Who is StRaW aimed at?

Anyone in health or social care who wants to support colleagues and team to build their psychological resilience through the prevention and detection of occupational stress.

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