KeepingWellNEL is north east London ICS Workforce Wellbeing Hub. So, If you work in health or social care, you can access FREE, confidential, wellbeing support in a safe space that is independent from your employer, with a Wellbeing Advisor who understands the challenges of working in health and social care.

Your wellbeing is important as it effects your mental, emotional and physical health. Your relationships, how satisfied you are with your life, the feeling that what you do in life is worthwhile, your job and your finances can all effect your wellbeing.

Our Wellbeing Advisors receive training and supervision from clinicians who have experience of developing and delivering treatment which is individually tailored and culturally cohesive.  

We offer total wellbeing needs review and live emotional wellbeing support to all and any health and social care colleagues in north east London.

We are here for you Monday to Saturday, 8am to 8pm. If you provide us with your mobile number, we will send you a SMS to confirm the time best to call you back.

We also run wellbeing webinars, trauma and resilience training, reflective groups and self-help programmes.

The KeepingWellNEL team reflect the cultural richness of north east London, so we can link you with an individual of a similar or different ethnic or cultural background to you, if you would prefer this.

KeepingWellNEL was set up to as part of the NHS expansion to provide enhanced health, wellbeing and psychological resilience support, for all health and social care staff in north east London

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