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If you feel like you might seriously harm yourself or attempt to end your own life, you need urgent medical help call 999 now, or go to your closest Accident & Emergency unit.

…or contact the following Crisis Mental Health Services (24/7): 

If you are worried about someone else 

If the person is in immediate danger the fastest way to get help is to call an ambulance on 999.  

You can contact the Samaritans on freephone 116 123 and ask them to call them to see if they want to talk.  One of their volunteers will call and talk to them. (If someone else answers the phone, they won’t say where they’re calling from, and they won’t leave a voicemail). 

People who have felt suicidal will often say what a huge relief it was to be able to talk about what they were experiencing. 

If someone does let you know that they are having suicidal thoughts, always take them seriously.

If you feel you could benefit from talking therapies, please follow this link https://www.nhs.uk/mental-health/talking-therapies-medicine-treatments/talking-therapies-and-counselling/nhs-talking-therapies/.


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