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We have partnered with SilverCloud to provide you with free private and secure access to online guided self-help programmes, that you can complete at a time and pace that suits you.

Simply choose your programme on SilverCloud. When prompted to sign up, you will need a code to enable you to use this resource. Start a chat now with a Wellbeing Advisor or call 0800 953 9898 to get your SilverCloud access code needed to create your account.

The programmes, can then be accessed via the website or download the app are based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), a highly effective and widely-used treatment for improving well-being.

As you work through the modules – which should take less than an hour each – you will discover useful and helpful information. 

To help you put this information into practice you will find tools you can use throughout the programme. Each module is designed to empower you with skills to help you think and feel better. It is a good idea to try to put these skills into practice in your daily life.

It is best to move through the programme in order, but you are free to explore as you wish. You can revisit any module whenever you like.

All the programmes feature activities and interactive tools to help you develop skills to manage your psychological and emotional wellbeing with more confidence.

A good goal is to complete about one module each week.

Choose the programmes which are right for you, from the topics below:

Before you start, you will need an access code from us to create a profile with SilverCloud and start using the self-help programmes.

To get your FREE access code start a chat now with a Wellbeing Advisor or call 0800 953 9898.

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