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What is an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)?

A complimentary, confidential service available to all staff members. It offers online cognitive behavioural therapy and guidance on various topics, including legal and financial matters. 

Find your local EAP service where you can access wellbeing support from your NHS Trust.


  • EAP Provider: Vivup
  • Helpline Number: 0330 380 0658
  • Additional Information: Offers up to 6 complimentary counselling sessions over the phone. Assessments are scheduled within three weeks from the referral date. Clients can access counselling service once within a 12-month timeframe, with additional support calls available as needed.
Homerton NHS Trust
  • EAP Provider: Health Assured
  • Helpline Number: 0800 082 0199
  • Link: www.healthassuredeap.com
  • Login Information:
  • Username: Healthy
  • Password: Homerton
St Barts  
  • EAP Provider: Confidential Care
  • Helpline Number: 0800 085 3805
  • Additional Information: Available 24/7/365 with various free services. It offers immediate assessments during calls and therapist pairing within 10 days for suitable clients. Up to 6 sessions are available annually
  • EAP Provider: Care First
  • Helpline Number: 0800 174 319
  • Link: https://qi.elft.nhs.uk/resource/22855-2/
  • Additional Information: After the initial call, clients are given a day to reflect before deciding to proceed with counselling. The allocation team ensures appropriate therapist matching. Offers up to 8 sessions, either over the phone or face-to-face, once every calendar year.
  • Helpline Number: 0800 028 0199
  • EAP Provider: Health Assured EAP
  • Link:-https://healthassuredeap.co.uk/home/
  • Login Information:
  • Username: BHRUT
  • Password: Employee
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