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July is Good Care month – Attend our KeepingWellNEL Good Care wellbeing webinars and take good care of yourself, in the way you do for others.


The Good Care Campaign is about celebrating the great work you do each and every day in your roles within Health & Social care. Whilst a part of this campaign focusses on retention and recruitment within social care, it is not just about that. It provides us with a great opportunity to reflect and take note of your successes and triumphs and may also engage and inspire others to do the same. We are all aware that without self-care there is no good care, and so this month we are reminding you to take good care of yourself and have a host of wellbeing webinars and training sessions to help you do so.

Wellbeing Summit - July 19th - 10am-2pm

KeepingWellNEL is excited to invite you to our Wellbeing Summit, a free wellbeing event for colleagues working in the NHS, and health and social care roles in north east London. The day will be broken into a number of sessions between 10am and 2pm, providing theoretical and practical advice and guidance, which delegates will be able to take back to their workplaces and cascade to their colleagues.


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Share & Shape - July 21st - 1pm-2pm

KeepingWellNEL is proud to be holding regular focus groups, called ‘Share and Shape’, with health and social care staff who have used our services or may consider doing so, to co-design our services, receive feedback and discuss wellbeing issues in a safe and confidential space. Each session will have a different focus and theme for discussion.


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A Session on Sleep – July 12th - 12pm-1pm.

Did you know? If stress was removed from the modern world the average human would sleep about 10 hours a day.
Don’t let lack of sleep ruin your day! Attend our webinar to understand what “normal” sleep is, what affects it and to learn expert ways to get good quality sleep.


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React MH - July 20th - 12pm-1pm

REACTMH® is a tool, developed by experts at March on Stress, which aims to help supervisors to have psychologically savvy and supportive conversations with a colleague about their mental health. There’s very good evidence that many distressed people may not appreciate that they are struggling, or if they do know they may not want, or be able, to seek help.


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