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A series of short, themed online sessions based on 10 principles for leading compassionately.

Leadership support circles offer time and reflective safe space for those with responsibility for managing others through:  

  • Short, themed and interactive online sessions based on 10 evidence-based principles for Leading Compassionately 
  • A multi-disciplinary, interactive space for people managers at all levels to come together, share their experiences and be heard 
  • Signposting access to evidence-based guidance, tools and coaching and mentoring support to line managers and leaders

Email us if you are interested in taking part.

Want to become a Trained LSC Facilitator ? Get Involved

Become a Leadership Support Circle facilitator and support our colleagues who are people managers by creating a safe space for reflecting, sharing and developing.

The Leadership Support Circle facilitator undertakes a very skilled role, so it helps if they have experience of working with groups and managing difficult emotions and managing people.

We are looking for colleagues who are already trained Leadership Support Circle Facilitators as well as those who have no prior experience.

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