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REACTMH® is a tool, developed by experts at March on Stress, which aims to help supervisors to have psychologically based supportive conversations with a colleague about their mental health.  

Being able to speak with a supportive supervisor is especially useful for team members who are dealing with repeated exposure to potentially traumatic events (PTEs) or working in stressful environments. Many distressed people may not appreciate that they are struggling, or if they do know they may not want, or be able, to seek help.

Why is REACTMH training important?

Studies show that line managers, and those with similar supervisory roles, can have a significantly positive, or negative, impact on the mental wellbeing of the people in their teams. Evidence shows that managers who receive training in identifying the need for, and develop the confidence to successfully engage in, supportive mental health and wellbeing conversations with their team members can reduce the risk of longer-term mental ill health by up to 90%.

Who is REACTMH training for?

REACTMH training is recommended for all managers, supervisors and team leaders, as well as those with caring responsibilities within certain organisations. The session lasts for 60 minutes and is also available as a ‘Train the Trainer’ option.

This concise active listening skills training session will enable supervisors to identify, engage with and support people in their teams who may be struggling with their mental health. The training is designed to improve supervisor’s confidence in initiating supportive wellbeing conversations. During the course you will gain new knowledge and have a chance to put this into practice during the session.

Please get in touch if you’d like to talk to us about about REACTMH training. Alternatively please sign-up by filling in the form below. 
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