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KeepingWellNEL is proud to be holding regular focus groups, called ‘Share and Shape’, with health and social care staff who have used our services or may consider doing so, to co-design our services, receive feedback and discuss wellbeing issues in a safe and confidential space. Each session will have a different focus and theme for discussion.


KeepingWellNEL was set up as part of an NHS expansion to provide enhanced health, wellbeing and psychological resilience support for the NHS and Social Care Workers (HSCW). 

In response to the pandemic, NHS England identified four specific staff groups as most at risk of suffering adverse effects. 

The four groups were: 

  • Colleagues from social care settings
  • Colleagues identifying as LGBTQ+
  • Colleagues working within acute settings 
  • Colleagues from racially minoritised groups


The importance of continual reflection and adaptation based on the HSCW’s needs is a central aspect of the ethos of KWNEL. For this reason, a commitment to regular opportunities to learn from HSCWs across NEL is essential to the Hub offer. The HSCW is the single most important aspect for KWNEL. Share and Shape forums were developed and designed to provide an opportunity to reach NEL HSCW.


If you would like to find more on Share and Shape you can download our research report from here

Next session: Racially Minoritised Groups Share and Shape Forum 10th May 1pm-2pm


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Our mission is to support our NHS and health and social care colleagues with your wellbeing and resilience needs via a digital chat support service.

We are committed to providing a safe and confidential listening service and signposting support for our culturally diverse work force. We aim to be helpful, relevant, and culturally cohesive. Our workforce across North East London is one of the most diverse where over half of our workforce identify as Black, Asian, or another ethnic minority group.  

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