Get into good Sleep Habits

You will need to keep to your bedtime routine every day, because your sleep cycle is a daily pattern. Your sleep won’t change immediately, but it will gradually start to improve, as you put the techniques you are learning into practice.

  • Light is vital for the sleep-wake cycle, as it keeps our circadian rhythm running as it should be.
  • Your mattress and bedding can significantly affect your sleep.
  • Research has shown that to aid sleep, the ideal temperature of a bedroom should be around 18ºC.
  • If external noise like neighbours, traffic or animals is a problem, then ear plugs may offer a great solution.
  • People with a sleep problem, or who are sensitive to caffeine, should consume less than 400mgs a day.

Your Bedtime Routine

You will need to set a routine that you will follow each evening, about 1hr and 30 min – 2 hours before bed, to prepare your body and let it know that it is nearly time for sleep.

Be specific about what you will do, and the order in which you will do this each evening, to prepare yourself for sleep.

As part of your bedtime routine you will need to organise and prepare your sleeping environment, for when you are eventually ready to go to bed.


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