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Wellbeing is how satisfied you are with your life, the sense that what you do in life is worthwhile, your day to day emotional experiences (happiness, anxiety or stress) and your wider mental wellbeing. It includes factors such as our working environment and how we get on with our colleagues.

Wellbeing is important as it effects

  • your overall mental and physical health,
  • your ability to successfully overcome difficulties
  • and to achieve what you want out of life.

Feeling excluded or not understood, experiencing discrimination or stigma, anxiety or stress, having relationship or financial worries; these are just a few examples of how everyday life can affect us.

For some of us, certain life events may affect their emotional wellbeing, such as experiencing a bereavement, going through a relationship break-up, changing jobs, or moving to a new area or country without family, friends or community networks.

If you work in social care in north east London, you can access free, confidential and inclusive wellbeing support, that is provided independently from your employer.

Our team offers a range of support including a safe space to talk. To start a confidential wellbeing conversation:

  • Free phone on 0800 953 9898
  • Text us on +44 7723 484 839
  • Click the chat bubble on the screen

and speak to one of our trained Wellbeing Advisors.

    For managers: Why your organisation needs wellbeing for your staff

    Why workplace wellbeing is essential to your organisation

    Research shows that wellbeing should be treated as a business imperative rather than a “nice to have” and advise that managers think about how you are going to create more value from your wellbeing investment in your people. 

    Organisation wide awareness raising of wellbeing offers, with access to a tailored hub and exercise lessons, has a return on Investment (ROI) of 6:1

    (Source: Mental Health & Employers: Refreshing the case for investment. Deloitte 2020)

    The benefits of good workplace wellbeing

    There are many benefits to you in adopting a proactive and preventative approach to wellbeing in your workplace.

    • Increased staff commitment and productivity: Staff who feel valued and listened to are more likely to be engaged in the goals of the organisation, work together positively and perform to their optimal level.
    • Better staff retention: A workplace culture that fosters staff loyalty and high morale is likely to keep staff for longer and reduce recruitment costs.
    • Reduced sick leave and absenteeism: Staff who feel their wellbeing needs are being met are less likely to take sick leave and are more likely to return from leave taken in a timely and sustainable way.
    • Staff coping better: Looking after your staff’s emotional wellbeing can help them cope better with day-to-day stresses at work and problems at home. And putting the right mental health and wellbeing strategies in place can help to stop problems from escalating.
    • An enhanced reputation: Investing in wellbeing in the workplace sends a powerful message about your values and ethics and can help you attract a high quality workforce.

    KWNEL services support the key wellbeing needs: emotional, financial physical and social and we can help you to support your staff wellbeing.

    Contact maria.healy9@nhs.net 

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