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Ensuring Equitable Access to a Seamless Enhanced Health, Wellbeing & Psychological Resilience Core Offer for ALL our People

We are working towards developing a culture of wellbeing by combining collaboration, co-design, joined up working and responsiveness across NEL, underpinned by continuous actionable feedback, high-quality science and data informed proactive health & wellbeing interventions.​

Our mission is to support our NHS and health and social care colleagues with your wellbeing and resilience needs via a digital chat support service.

We are committed to providing a safe and confidential listening service and signposting support for our culturally diverse work force. We aim to be helpful, relevant, and culturally cohesive. Our workforce across North East London is one of the most diverse where over half of our workforce identify as Black, Asian, or another ethnic minority group.  

We have seen the disproportionate effects of the covid-19 pandemic on non-white groups, and we have worked closely with various ethnic minority Staff Networks across North East London to co-produce a service to match the needs of the various intersections of our diverse work force. There is a richness that comes from our diversity and we are aware that services across the UK are not always suited to the needs of individuals from culturally diverse and ethnic minority backgrounds.

Our staff support hub has remodelled the way in which services are traditionally structured to ensure our offer feels approachable to you. We have done this in the following ways. Our team is culturally diverse, and it very much reflects the cultural richness of the North East London area. We believe that breaking down the stigma of asking for help is vital in maintaining wellbeing, which is core focus for our team, as such we aim to listen and shine a light on the aspects of wellbeing you identify as important. We are pleased to be able to link you with an individual of a similar or different ethnic or cultural background to you if you would prefer this. Based on feedback provided, we are pleased to offer our support Monday to Saturday 8am to 8pm.

You can connect with information via chat, sms, telephone or by accessing information on the website. and help in several ways giving user choice, providing an experience which is inclusive, accessible, and reflective of your needs. Our chat supporters receive training and supervision from clinicians who have experience of developing and delivering treatment which is individually tailored and culturally cohesive. Our intention is to accompany you on your wellbeing journey, and we are so excited that we have the opportunity to do so.

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