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Our team reflects the cultural richness of north east London, so we can link you with an individual of a similar or different ethnic or cultural background to you if you would prefer this.  

We offer a safe space which is confidential and independent from your employer with the option to be anonymous 

We are here to support you Monday to Saturday 8am to 8pm. 

Find out who we are… 

Vlad Iorga
Head of Service
I live in north east London, with my partner and two pets, Ash, a Maine coon and Kenji, a Shar Pei. I love finding the best in people and continuously learning. I am passionate about workplace inclusion, equity, preventative health and wellbeing interventions. I am particularly passionate about good mental health at work, where the workplace can empower the individual to reach their potential.
Jo Inskip
Strategic Communications and Engagement Lead 
I live in east London with my wonderful husband, three cats and bouncy puppy Plum. I have two grown up children who make me proud every day. I am an avid Arsenal fan and spent many rainy midweek evenings at Highbury with my son, who was lucky enough to have football training there as a child. I am passionate about wellbeing, genuine inclusion and co-producing culturally competent communications.
Maria Healy
Social Care Sector Wellbeing Transformation Lead
My personal passion and purpose are my commitment to my own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others. I believe wellbeing is personal to each and every one of us. I love the magic of connection and place a great importance on listening to the needs of others. I love that the Keeping WellNEL team are here to wholeheartedly listen with the aim of a personalised person-centred approach to support wellbeing.
Tony Dikan
Clinical Lead
I am keen to help people find the right help at the right time. I am a Dad to two girls, both in secondary school now. I have lots of interests including; going to the cinema, listening to music and going to gigs and festivals. I have been learning to play the guitar all my life - hopefully making some progress (if very slowly)… and have two cats, Ziggy and Otto.
Thulasi Mohanadas
Clinical Lead
I am passionate about managers and leaders having the right training and the right support in order to realise their potential and bring their teams up with them. I am interested in how we cultivate inclusive leadership (especially having diverse representation at senior leadership levels) and inclusive work cultures that really invite, celebrate and support diversity of thinking and being.
Sarah Shillingford
Clinical Lead
I am passionate about helping others to increase their sense of wellbeing. Being able to build a better sense of wellbeing leads to a sense of freedom that I believe we all need. Music is another passion of mine, my favourite genres are Neo Soul, Kompa, Zouk and Gospel. I also play very basic piano and will one day learn to play the guitar.
Dean Rogers
Clinical Escalations Supervisor
Your wellbeing journey, like mine is a completely unique journey, that will have ups and downs, twist and turns. It is through those dark periods that we often do so much growth – look what happens to a seed when you cover it with soil, and it is in darkness? It grows! That’s the way I like to see things, everything that happens in life is an opportunity to grow through, onwards and upwards.
Gloria Emerenciana
Clinical Escalations Supervisor
I love travelling and meeting people. My best moment is when I put smile on someone's face. I believe that we are all one despite our backgrounds, so I care for all. Remember that your health matters.
Sadie Thomson-Ashworth
Clinical Supervisor
I love live music, performing, sailing, exploring and cooking South Asian food! I enjoy training and development and really enjoy empowering others to learn and grow. My partner and I are in the process of buying a 38ft sailboat to live aboard with the intention of eventually sailing it around the world, though I need to save a few more pennies first!
Sacha Jarrett
Communications and Engagement Manager
I live in north London with my brother and dog, Dougie. I spend a lot of my time watching YouTube videos, drinking iced coffees, and asking Dougie to stop barking. I am committed to implementing equity and amplifying unheard voices and passionate about improving the opportunities, experiences, and the wellbeing of people who are often not considered.
Toni Mares
Digital Conversion and Web Optimisation Analyst
I like being as active as possible as often as I can. I am always looking to develop and learn new things and am currently learning Spanish, French and doing a course in advanced motorcycling riding. I am interested in all things technological and always looking at ways of using technology to improve and make life easier. I am obsessed with mechanical watchmaking and fast becoming a budding watch collector.
Claudia Stancalie
Senior Wellbeing Outreach & Engagement Officer
I love working with people and I like to bring a glimmer of hope and motivation to those around me. I am passionate about letting people know about the amazing support this service offers. I enjoy travelling, reading a good book and spending time with my family. Shopping and bubble tea are my guilty pleasures, but then, who doesn't like them?
Alice Curtis
Design & Publications Assistant
I live in Hampshire with my partner and our pond resident Ned the newt. My favourite place is the seaside, relaxing to the sound of the waves with a good book and swimming in the sea. I have always been creative, making jewellery and cards from a young age. I hope to use my creativity to help raise awareness around staff wellbeing.
Jessica Vassallo
Administration Manager
I live by the seaside with my partner. I make sure I go for at least one walk every day and that I make time for myself. I come from a big family, and love spending time with them all. I am interested in project management and bringing in new ways of working. I love baking, exploring new places and learning new things.
Julie Winters
I am a life long vegetarian, I love animals and nature. My passions are art, travelling and listening to live music. For my own personal wellbeing I walk, meditate and have recently discovered the benefits of Qigong.
Afet Mehmet
Schwartz Round Project Lead
I like to unwind by getting lost in a good book, rally racing and singing, although I can’t say I’m any good at the latter. I’m excited to be involved in the implementation of Schwartz Rounds, as they are such a fantastic support mechanism, particularly at a time when colleagues really need it.
Josie Israel-Governale
Wellbeing Advisor
I live in London with my partner and my best friend, and love being able to contribute back to my community. I try to look after my own wellbeing by going for long walks with friends, going climbing outside as much as I can, practising yoga and eating lots of tasty food! I am training to be a yoga instructor and. I am passionate about empowering others to improve their wellbeing.
Ilhan Abdulle
Wellbeing Advisor
I am from Somali and grew up in Holland until the age of 12, when I moved to America. After university, I decided to move to Europe to support my mother and be with her as she struggles with her mental health. I enjoy dancing, trying different food and spending time with loved ones. I am an advocate for social justice and I am most interested in making sure therapy is accessible for racially minoritised groups.
Lavinia Nica
Wellbeing Advisor
I grew up in Romania and moved to the UK over eight years ago. Currently I live in a lovely town in Cheshire with my amazing partner, our daughter and our dog, Tahsa and our cat, Milo and so many birds! I love nature walks, spending time with family and friends, swimming and yoga. Supporting people and offering practical tools to enhance wellbeing are big on my agenda.
Syeda Naqvi
Wellbeing Advisor
My favourite things in life include reading, shopping (retail therapy is a real thing), going to aesthetically pleasing cafes to buy overpriced coffee and being a mum and a wife. I thoroughly enjoy supporting others, especially with personal development. I am passionate about destigmatising mental health and educating communities on the importance of mental health and wellbeing.
Adelaide Poku
Wellbeing Advisor
I grew up in Ghana, but I have lived in the UK for the past 20 years. I am passionate about giving wellbeing support to colleagues and always encourage self-care and compassion. I enjoy traveling and exploring different cultures with my two gorgeous children. I love going for walks and being in nature, it really inspires me.
Natalie Tuahene
Wellbeing Advisor
I was privileged enough to be born into a cultural melting pot and I believe this continues to drive my passion and curiosity in surrounding myself with people from so many different walks of life. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, indulging in good food, good music, reading and travel.
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