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Having a positive sense of who we are, and where we fit in the world, is essential for our wellbeing & mental health. 

Cultural wellbeing can broadly encompass values, shared beliefs, customs, behaviours and identity. Our identity refers to our view of ourselves, who we are and what makes us who we are. It is important to consider and include our cultural wellbeing and identity when supporting ourselves and others.

You can access FREE culturally catered therapy from experienced, registered Black clinicians from Black Minds Matter.

We are working in partnership with Black Minds Matter to provide you with access to therapy from experienced, registered clinicians with a lived experience of being from a racially minoritised group with specific specialised training working inter/intraculturally.

We are also working in partnership with Nafsiyat to provide effective and accessible psychotherapy and counselling services to people from diverse religious, cultural and ethnic communities, in over 20 languages.

Start a chat with us now to be referred to culturally specific support.

You may know what it is like to have a world at home that is completely different to the world you inhabit when you are at work. Not just in terms of policies and procedures, but the use of language, non-verbal communication, sense of humour and even the food.

The seven boroughs of north east London are among the most diverse in the UK. We have ensured that our KeepingWellNEL team represents and champions this diversity and we know it is important that the support available to you reflects this too.

We offer culturally appropriate services for individuals, teams and managers. Including safe confidential emotional support via online chat, freephone and text.

Meet your KeepingWellNEL team or start a chat now with a Wellbeing Advisor 

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