Pancake Day and Wellbeing may have more in common than you think…

Feb 20, 2023 | Uncategorised


I don’t need much persuading when it comes to eating pancakes so when it comes to Pancake Day I can’t get the frying pan out quick enough.

As I reviewed my many options for pancake day this year, I was excited, if not a little overwhelmed by the amount of choice! I have tried them all, protein pancakes, crepes, fluffy Japanese pancakes, just add an egg American pancake mix- and that is without exploring the many combinations of toppings both savoury and sweet. As making a decision about something as sweet as pancakes proved to be far from easy, I couldn’t help but think about how difficult making a decision concerning something as complex as our mental health and wellbeing can be. Unlike our favourite pancakes there isn’t an exact recipe available via google to produce the perfect state of wellbeing, however it turns out that pancakes and my wellbeing have more in common than I had first thought.

I have already started scrolling through my favourite cooking accounts on Instagram saving the recipes that caught my eye along the way. The pancake prep is nearly as good as the pancakes themselves! Much like my organised and methodical approach to cooking my wellbeing also relies heavily on planning. Over the years I have realised the importance of routine to my wellbeing. I now spend time each week planning and reviewing my routine to help me stay organised, balanced and accomplished. Gym before work, a dog walk during my lunch break and a tidy up in prep for the next day before bed; consistency in these areas allows me to maintain my wellbeing day to day and allows me some predictability when other areas of my life can be fast changing and uncontrollable.

What are you doing for pancake day this year? Whether you are following a specially selected recipe like me, trying something completely new to shake things up, or going for gold with most pancake flips done in a minute for a burst of accomplishment, take a moment or two to think about your wellbeing. Your pancakes may be able to tell you more about how you are doing and what you need than you’d think.

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