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Free live and recorded wellbeing events for all health and social care staff.

Wellbeing Resources

Get access to self-help guides that can help you better your life!

Confidential – Independent – Inclusive

Welcome to the KeepingWellNEL Wellbeing Hub. A free, safe, confidential and inclusive service to support the wellbeing needs of all and any health and care staff in north east London.

Call us on free phone: 0800 953 9898
You can also text us on: +44 7723 484 839

Your wellbeing is important as it effects your mental and physical health, your ability to successfully overcome difficulties and to achieve what you want out of life.

1 in 4 people

experience mental health issues each year

(Mental Health & Wellbeing in England 2018)

We offer culturally appropriate services for individuals, teams and managers. Including safe confidential emotional support via online chat, freephone and text. We also offer events, training and self-help advice.

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