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People with management, supervisory and supportive roles can have a significantly positive (or negative) impact on the mental wellbeing of the people in their teams.

Mental health training courses equip you to identify, understand and be able to support colleagues who may be showing signs of stress, anxiety or poor mental health.


REACTMH® training: 60 minutes session 

REACTMH® is a tool, developed by experts from March on Stress, which aims to help supervisors to have psychologically based supportive conversations with a colleague about their mental health.

REACTMH training is recommended for all managers, supervisors and team leaders.

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Trauma Risk Management Practitioner Training (TRiM): 2 day training course

Trauma Risk Management training (TRiM) is a trauma-focused peer support system, based on ‘watchful waiting – keeping a watchful eye on individuals who have been exposed to a traumatic event.

The course may be of interest if you experience dealing with trauma in your role or work in a support facing position.

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Sustaining Resilience at Work Practitioner training (StRaW®): 2 day training course

StRaW is a peer support system to detect and prevent occupational stress and boost psychological resilience. The training enables you to spot the signs of workplace stress,  that might otherwise go unnoticed.

StRaW is suitable for all managers – You do not need any specialist medical or psychological expertise.

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