Trauma Risk Management Training (TRiM): 2 day training course

Do you work in health care or social care in north east London? Do you work in a team where there are colleagues who experience traumatic incidents? Do you feel more could be done to support them?

If this sounds familiar, we would like to encourage you to nominate your team for the TRiM initiative. Unlock your team resilience and create more trust with your team which will filter down to the clients you work with. Healthy staff = satisfied clients and client safety.

Here at KWNEL we will train your team to be able to deliver TRiM peer support. This is on the ground, and at the point it is needed with no waiting time and no questions asked and certainly no judgment. We truly believe that TRiM has transformational power to support staff that work in challenging areas. We all need support and we can help!

TRiM training is suitable for all members of staff; clinical and non clinical and at any grade.

What is TRiM? TRiM is a trauma-focused peer support system designed to help people who have experienced a traumatic event.



Why should I implement TRiM in my team? The course allows teams to build a culture of support and to create a sustainable peer support system equipped to manage the impact of dealing with traumatic incidents at work.



A message from your TRiM trainer, Dean Rogers…

Book a TRiM & StRaW information session to find out more

Our TRiM and StRaW Lead, Dean, would like to offer a 30 min TEAMS or ZOOM presentation to 1 or more members of your team. Find out if TRiM and StRaW products are something you want to implement in your service. Pick a date and time that works around your schedule – we also accept last minute requests!

Please email Dean with your name, email address,  your job title and the service you work for, contact phone number and your preferred time and date for the presentation.


Sign-up for TRiM Training

Nominate yourself or your team. Click on the link below for our latest training dates and to sign-up.

Bespoke training days: We are aware that 2 full days can be a barrier. Please contact Dean if you need to space out the training over 4 days or more for instance 4 x half days spread over a month or more.


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