KeepingWellNEL will be closing on 30 June 2023! The KWNEL website will still provide wellbeing information, signposting to other services and access to self-help resources, but with immediate effect, the service will no longer accept new clients, or provide support.

Trauma Risk Management Practitioner Training (TRiM): 2 days training course

What is TRiM?
TRiM is a trauma-focused peer support system designed to help people who have experienced a traumatic event.


Who should complete TRiM training?
The course may be of interest if you experience dealing with trauma in your role or work in a support facing position.



What is a TRiM Practitioner?
TRiM Practitioners are non-medical personnel who have undergone specific training allowing them to understand the effects that traumatic events can have upon people.


What are the benefits of TRiM training?
TRiM training provides both the knowledge and skills to become a TRiM Practitioner and are supported following training.



Why is TRiM training important?
TRiM Practitioners are trained to spot signs of distress in people that may go unnoticed, and carry out TRiM assessments.


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